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10 Tips How to Magically Clean and Organize Your Fridge

Are you worried about your fridge? Then don’t worry, in this article, we at Alv Services will share various natural solutions by which you can clean your fridge. You don’t need to buy various chemical blend products with natural cleaning solutions that mostly have strong scents, are toxic, and likely contain allergens. And don’t forget natural methods are almost always readily available to you at a cost-friendly price. We are going to discuss ten tips that will help you clean your fridge, or you can hire us. Moreover, your fridge is an essential appliance in your home, and you have to pay more attention to it. Below will share ten tips if you don’t know how to clean the fridge .

Tips for cleaning your fridge:
In this article we will share how you can magically sanitise your refrigerator quickly and efficiently by only using baking soda, dish soap and vinegar.

1. Important things for cleaning:
Before cleaning your fridge, you have to gather the following things given below.

1. Baking soda

2. Hot water

3. Dish soap

4. Towels

5. Toothbrush

Now, you may think about how you can use these products for cleaning?

1. Mix one part of baking soda in the seven-part of hot water. Moreover, you have to stir it until it dissolves.

2. Pour the mixture into a bowl. Otherwise, you can use your towel in it.

3. You can also use a toothbrush to make sure to reach the edges as well.

4. Furthermore, avoid chemical products because to avoid transfer to your food.

Do you need to empty your fridge? Yes, exactly you need to clean or empty it. Let’s get started!

2. Empty your fridge:
To make it empty, you have to follow the following things given below.

1. Please take out all the things from the refrigerator.

2. Now, you have to check the things which are expired. If something is expired, then throw it; otherwise, keep it.

3. Keep in mind that you have to check the time. If it takes 2 hours to clean the fridge, you have to keep your food in a cooler.

4. Moreover, if you are cleaning your fridge from the outside, you don’t need to remove food from the inside.

3. Unplug Fridge:
If you have to clean your fridge from outside and inside, then you don’t need to unplug the fridge. Moreover, if you are cleaning your coils, you have to unplug your fridge just for safety measures. Before cleaning, keep in mind that you have to use warm water for cleaning.

Are you stuck in cleaning drawers and shelves? Then don’t worry, I am going to share the method that will help you to clean your shelf and drawer.

4. Cleaning shelves and drawers:
Before you start cleaning, you have to take out all your dishes and shelves from the fridge. Now, follow the few steps given below.

1. Bring dishwashing soap and hot water. Moreover, if shelves are made up of glass, you have to warm the temperature.

2. Moreover, if there are food remnants on shelves and drawers, keep them in the sink for a few minutes.

3. Furthermore, dry your shelves entirely with a towel and then place them in the


What will you do if shelves are not removable?

5. Clean unremovable shelves:
You have to clean your fridge from top to bottom. Moreover, you have to soak the cloth in warm water then use baking soda on the spot. Due to this, you can easily clean your fridge.

6. Add Labels:
Before putting back food in your fridge, you have to add labels on food. So, everyone can easily understand the things present in baskets.

7. Clean outside daily:
After cleaning the fridge from top to bottom, you have to clean it at least once a week from outside. Moreover, it will take a few minutes to wipe your fridge every week.

8. Place meat at the bottom:
You have to put your raw meat at the lowest temperature. Otherwise, it will become useless for you. Above all, you can pack your meat as well.

9. Use baskets and boxes:
To keep your food secure, you have to use transparent baskets and boxes to store it. Moreover, you have to keep your fruits, vegetables, and other things in separate packages.

10. Freezer part:
Last but not least, you must have to clean the freezer part. Moreover, it’s an essential part to clean. If you do not clean it, and it is no frost-free fridge, the ice will grow, and there is no ice end.

In short, there is no hard and fast rule for users to clean the fridge. Just follow the few steps given above then you are good to go. Moreover, if you have any problems, do ask in the comment section given below. I will surely solve that problem.

If you want to take a nearby fridge cleaning service, you also choose a certified company with professed workers to avoid mishaps.

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