Cleaning Your Kitchen in 5 Minutes

Cleaning kitchen shouldn’t be an overwhelming chore. This article gives you some quick tips for all the busy men and women out there who want to finish cleaning fast with just a few minutes to spare.

Soaking Your Dirty Dishes

This is for everyone who has no time to do the dishes, especially if guests are coming in and out of your house. Scrubbing your dishes one by one will consume so much of your time, so let it soak until the food falls off.

First, you need to fill the sink with hot water and pour it on the dish soap. After that, you need the dishes to soak them in.

Top to Bottom Cleaning Kitchen

This should be fast! Remember to follow the rules: top to bottom, front to back. This will eventually save time.

Light and White-Coloured Cabinets Cleaning

These cabinets can be attracted to dirt, and even a few greasy spots can be dirty. You can clean this by putting a damp sponge in a microwave and letting it heat for a minute. After that, you can put on a citrus-based cleaner. The cabinets can be cleaned in no time. Let the sponge maintain the heat because it removes the dirt easily.

Cleaning the Microwave

An overused microwave may look and smell bad, especially if the food has been splattered all around inside. You can clean it fast by filling up a microwave with water and two slices of oranges, together with a clove or cinnamon powder. You can also add vanilla with lemon and rosemary. Furthermore, you have to leave it in the microwave for one minute, after that clean it and wipe it up.

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