Cleaning an Above Ground Pool: Your Cleaning Options

There are an estimated 250,000 pools in the UK, and an estimated 1,500 are being installed each year—a majority of these being indoor. If you are one of the lucky above-ground pool owners and need some tips for cleaning pool, this article is for you.

Especially for above-ground pools, you need to purchase pool cleaning supplies regularly. If you’re a new pool owner or have never bought cleaning equipment before, you’re probably not familiar with what you need.

How to find the perfect pool cleaning products

  • Browse the right stores

To get more information, you can browse what products are currently available for sale in any pool supplies store. You can also find retailers, such as sports or department stores, that also sell these kinds of products. You can look at Pool Warehouse, Direct Pools, or Amazon.

  • Research online

Sure, now you know what types of products are out there, but you also need to know which ones are suitable for your pool specifically. In order to know which ones are the most effective, you could consider doing some additional research.

You’ll find that there are manual and automatic pool cleaning supplies. Amongst the most popular mechanical products are pool vacuums. They are a great way to clean your pool with minimal effort required on your part. These vacuums operate on their own and you can usually find them by searching “robotic pool vacuums”.

The lack of effort required from automatic pool cleaners makes it obvious why they’re so attractive. However, they are not for everyone. If you prefer more old-school methods, there’s always the choice of manual cleaning supplies. Some popular options include skimmers and scrub brushes.

Another option is to go for both choices, manual and automatic. Sure, pool vacuums are a convenient choice, but they’re pretty slow at getting the job done. So if you want to use your pool immediately, you might want to rush through the cleaning job. That’s where manual supplies come in.

Keep in mind that the longer you postpone cleaning your pool, the longer it will take and the more work you will have to put it. With that being said, it’s wise to always have adequate cleaning supplies at hand—whether you go for automatic, manual, or both.

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