Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Cleaning Staff Motivated

Especially in cleaning businesses, it can get hard to retain your employees for a long period of time. This comes as a result of the work being strenuous, usually low-paying, and time-intensive. However, there are some tips and tricks to keep your cleaning staff motivated and happy, to make sure that you can build a team that you can rely on, for a long time.

Having a motivated cleaning staff means high performance and happy clients. Therefore, this should be a priority for the business owner. Proper leadership can do wonders for a business, and surrounding yourself with a like-minded crew can skyrocket your company’s growth.

What you can do to keep your cleaning staff motivated

As a business owner, it’s essential to understand the basic strategies of motivating your cleaning staff. It might sound complicated, but keep in mind that, usually, it’s the little things that can improve an employee’s perspective and performance.

  • Give credit where credit is due

Never take your team for granted. If someone has done a great job, be sure to celebrate it. If there are problems, communicate your feedback clearly, but gently. Praise improvements and grow together with your team.

  • Transparent communication

Make sure that everybody knows all the details about a job beforehand. Communicate what improvement points you notice or celebrate progress together with your team. Keeping everyone in the loop is highly motivating since it helps create a bond between supervisors and cleaning staff.

  • Create a friendly work environment

Try to keep your team in a positive mood. Even though you can’t control when and how the actual cleaning job takes place, you can make sure your crew has a place to rest after the job is done where they can communicate and relax if time permits. Having a fun atmosphere in the office will motivate them to come to work every day and keep their spirits up.

  • Prioritize growth an personal development

Nobody wants to feel stuck or out of control. Your team wants to feel like they are part of something bigger than them, that their work counts for something. Therefore, you can try to include them in some organisational decisions that you make. Give your cleaning staff a voice and a sense of responsibility in your company, so that they feel like they contribute to the business growth.

  • Provide propper equipment

Nothing is more frustrating than being expected to do a job perfectly without suitable tools. Make sure you prioritize providing your team with the necessary equipment, from actual tools to cleaning chemicals and even software for automating repetitive tasks.

  • Train your employees

Having a properly trained cleaning staff is beneficial for everyone. This way you make sure they know how to use the resources available properly, that there is no cleaning job they’re unprepared for, and that, at the end of the day, both your team and the customer will be happy and satisfied.

  • Organise internal events

Being part of a team also means knowing your co-workers and developing some sort of relationship with them. Even though the schedule might be crowded, find some time to organise get-together events where your cleaning staff can socialise and get comfortable with each other.

  • Ask for their opinion

Your employees are the best people to ask for improvement points for your business. After all, they work here every day. Conduct a survey regularly to ask them how they feel about their job and what would make them happy. This will make your cleaning staff feel heard and understood and you might be surprised by the suggestions they come up with.

It’s important to know that you can have your cake and eat it too. That means you can go to work daily and still be happy and motivated. Keeping the spirits of your cleaning staff high is vital for your business since it can affect performance and employee retention in the long term.

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