How to Cut Your Cleaning Time in Half

Especially for people with very busy schedules, regular cleaning can be a daunting chore. However, it doesn’t have to be like that. There are certain things that you can do to prevent dirt from piling up. This way, your cleaning routine doesn’t have to be a marathon, but small and easy-to-do sprints. These tips and tricks will help you form some habits that will cut your cleaning time in half.

1. Don’t postpone mail

While this might not seem like a big deal at first, not dealing with your mail as soon as you get it can create clutter and even lead to unpaid bills. Therefore, it’s a good idea to sort the mail you get as soon as you find it and throw away all the envelopes that you don’t need anymore. Also, it’s a small and short chore that you can do in a very short time, leaving you with the feeling that you completed something.

2. Cut cleaning time by taking care of the dishes

Nobody likes to see a sink full of unwashed dishes. If you leave them there for a while, they will be even harder to clean when you get around to it. However, if you have a dishwasher, there’s nothing easier than just placing your dirty dishes inside after your meal is finished. Nevertheless, even if you don’t have one, even though it will take a little bit longer, you should push yourself and wash the dishes on the spot.

3. Automate any tasks you can

The best example is to get a robot vacuum cleaner or, even better, one that washed the floors as well. Also, even if it’s not technically automation, there are some magic sponges that you can place in the toilet tank so that the toilet basically cleans itself. Any tricks and trips that can keep things clean for longer or even clean on their own will help you with your cleaning schedule.

4. Line your fridge to cut cleaning time

You can use wax paper for the shelves in your fridge to avoid the most dreaded day of fridge-cleaning. This way, when the paper gets dirty, all you have to do is replace it, without having to scrub the shelves. If you don’t like wax paper, because it gives off a certain smell, you can use plastic mats or shelf liners.

5. Don’t leave things around the house

This is a piece of obvious advice. The fewer things you leave randomly around the house, the less you have to clean afterwards. It doesn’t take much effort to hang your jacket in place when you come home, to put your dirty clothes in the laundry basket, or toss the trash in the bin, but it does wonders for saving time afterwards. It’s the little things that you can do to save yourself from a cleaning marathon.

All in all, prevention is key. You can do 10 minutes of cleaning once every two days and save yourself the struggle. Also, whenever you spill something or see dirt piling up, just wipe down the surfaces on the spot. Additionally, planning and organizing your tasks when you want to do a more thorough cleaning can make your life truly easier.

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