What you should put on your summer cleaning checklist

As summer is quickly encroaching on us, and lockdown rules are slowly dropping one by one – the pressure to prepare for guests is rising.

Turn your home into both a temple and a page out of a home design magazine. The easiest way to do this is sit back, and call ALV Services. We’ve got you covered without you having to lift a finger.

But for those who want to give it a go themselves, we’ve prepared these tips for you on how to structure your summer checklist, and bring your Ideal Homes Show mag spread to your feet.

Quick tips you can try

Think you can tackle the job? We have faith in you. Here’s a gift from us to you – how we make the magic work. It’s all eco-friendly, and should work right into your routine.
Check out our other specialised blogs here on specific rooms of your house if you’d like more depth on what to do.

1. Multitask by dusting and making your home smell good

To dust – use dryer sheets, even used ones. They leave an anti-static fabric softener residue that repels dust and leaves a pleasant smell. This is a big favour to yourself, allowing you to dust less often and know you’re repurposing sheets you would’ve otherwise thrown away.

2. Invest in reusable microfiber cloths

Microfiber dusting cloths outperform kitchen paper towels and other cleaning cloths in several ways. You’ll also use less cleaning solution with them, extending the life span of your cleaning supplies, and they are re-usable unlike single-use paper towels

3. Natural odour destroyers

Activated charcoal or bicarbonate of soda as a solution for smells, like carpets, vehicles, rugs, and other fabric-coated areas that attract and trap odours

4. Get thrifty with newspaper

When cleaning glass surfaces, like windows, mirrors, or fancy vases; use newspapers instead of cloth or paper towels. Again, eco-friendly and accessible.

5. Newspaper keeps on winning

Newspaper is super versatile and eco-friendly. Use it to soaking up water, juices, wipe surfaces, or even as a dining table cover or rubbish liner.

6. Baby oil vs. stainless steel

Polish your stainless-steel appliances by applying baby oil to a microfiber cloth and wiping with the grain, this will leave them streak-free and shiny.

7. Citrus – more than just a snack

Use dried oranges, lemons, limes as both décor, and a natural home aroma inducer alongside essential oils and scented candles.

8. Bugs on the horizon

Probably the least appealing thing about the warmer months is the influx of bugs migrating into your home, without even paying rent. Don’t let spiders and other bugs terrorise you in your own home. You’re better than that.

Did you know that one in five children is allergic to cockroach saliva and droppings, and the bugs’ bodies? And that allergies continue developing even later in life? In such a volatile health epidemic, we recommend you invest a few moments to go over these tips and save yourself the trouble, and make your cleaning a little lighter for next time.

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