Cleaning Up After a Party Made Easier

Hosting a party is great and very enjoyable, especially if all your friends and neighbors are invited. But what’s devastating is, after the party, you have been left with loads of things to clean. If you’re into cleaning, check out all our cleaning hacks and tips below.

1. Bring all of your cleaning supplies.

Gather all your cleaning tools and materials such as microfibre cloths, antibacterial surface spray or multi-purpose spray, washing-up brush and liquid, dishwasher tablets, stain remover, brooms, vacuum cleaner, and many more. Just make sure to clean up your kitchen, living room and bedrooms, and bathroom.  

2. Open the curtains to let some fresh air in while cleaning.

To begin, open enough windows to generate a through-drought and draw all the curtains to maximize daylight and assist you in things you need to clean. This will also help you freshen up the air for bad odor from liquors or cigarettes. 

3. Empty bottles should be gathered and discarded. 

Collect all of the empty glasses and bottles that have been laying on your floors or any parts of your home, dumping out everything that hasn’t been finished, and placing recyclables in a strong and sturdy bag. Don’t forget to designate each trash from which is a glass or a bottle. 

4. Stack the Dishwasher

The first thing you will do is check all rooms for drinking glasses or plates that were left by your visitors. Then, you can now start washing them. 

Dishwash as much of your dinnerware as possible, as well as extra glasses, snacks bowls, and any other crockery that has been used.

5. Checking and Cleaning the rooms one-by-one

Make sure you will clean each room that is occupied by you and your friends, the living rooms, comfort room, kitchen, and bedrooms. Also, don’t forget to check every part of your garden, you may have left some bottles or glasses. 

6. Keep the floors for last

By tackling the floors last, you start by vacuuming them, eliminating as much surface-level dust and filth as possible, working from the room farthest away from the kitchen to the room closest to it. If you have carpets and rugs, make sure to clean them properly. 

7. Locate any problematic areas that has stains or vomits.

Any problem areas that haven’t been addressed yet, such as stains in rugs, carpets, or other soft furnishings, should be treated with expert stain removal products of your choice. 

Looking at these tips will help you clean up your homes from an after-party you hosted. If you have questions feel free to contact us at 0203-648-1343/07450-277- 225 or email us at

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