Garden Landscaping & Maintenance

With garden landscaping & maintenance services you can depend on consistent horticultural practices and excellent customer service. We provide comprehensive lawn care services to meet the seasonal needs of your property to keep it looking great throughout the year.

At ALV Services LTD our goal is to customize a garden maintenance program to meet your needs, desires, and budget. We don’t believe in the “one size fits all” approach to landscape maintenance. Each property and each homeowner is different so we strive to provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing your yard is being cared for the right way. Ultimately, it’s about giving you more time to spend in your yard instead of working on your yard.

Spring & Fall Garden Clean Up

Getting your garden off to a running start in the spring can be the key to having a great looking garden in the summer. Additionally, tucking things in properly before harsh winters make a big difference to the health of your plants come springtime. Depending on the time of year and the needs of your specific garden we will cut back herbaceous plants, top dress mulch, re-cut natural bed edges, weed and prune as needed, and remove leaf litter and other debris.

Regular Annual Garden Maintenance

You sit back and enjoy your garden. Let us take care of the never-ending weeding, deadheading, light pruning, staking, and monitoring for disease and insect problems. You help determine the frequency of our visits based on your property’s scope and your preferences.

Lawn Care

A healthy lawn is built from the soil up. We tailor your lawn care program to fit the needs of your turf and your lifestyle. We only apply fertilizers and herbicides when necessary. Customized lawn care is better for your pocketbook, the environment, and your lawn’s health. Learn more about our organic lawn care program.

One-time Gardening Services

Hosting a backyard barbecue, graduation party, or outdoor wedding this year? Are you planning to sell your property but need some curb appeal? We offer one-time maintenance visits to enhance your landscape and reduce your stress level before the big event.

Annual & Container Displays

The explosion of color provided by annuals is incomparable! We create a design that complements your home and individual style. By carefully selecting plants with unique texture and form, we can make that empty courtyard, shady fence line, or unwelcoming front entryway your favorite part of the landscape. Our multi-seasonal approach to annual displays can create year-round interest.

Vegetable Garden Preparation

Enjoy reduced grocery bills and health benefits with home-grown vegetables. We can prepare your vegetable garden plot, plant locally grown organic veggie starts, perform weed removal, and even do the harvesting for you.