Handyman services


Time is precious and sometimes you can’t afford to spend time on DIY and sometimes the tasks you need to do to repair, maintain or upgrade your property require specialist skills. Handymen are the perfect solution to situations like these. Whether you have difficulty with a small repair job or need assistance in renovation throughout an entire property, Alv Services’ handymen are qualified professionals who are eager to help you out with the job.

Each of our handymen have many years of experience in the field and some are specialists in particular jobs so no matter what it is you need help with, we’ve got the staff to ensure it gets completed quickly and to the highest standard.

Our handymen arrive on hand ready with the equipment they need to carry out the job and the enthusiasm to see it through to completion. They do not charge a call out fee, nor do they charge an hourly rate, they are honest in their valuation of the work and the price they quote is the price you’ll pay.

We provide you the most optimal and affordable offer !!

Our consultants will send you advantageous proposals that fit your needs

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