How to Clean Glass Shower Doors Efficiently

Anyone that has glass doors on their shower knows what a struggle it is to clean them. Water stains, soap scum, and any other dirt that builds up in the shower is a pain to rinse. However, it shouldn’t be so hard to clean glass shower doors. In this article, we’ll give you some recommendations to make this task a breeze.

How often should glass doors be cleaned?

As with anything, the more time you postpone cleaning it, the harder it will be. Even more, mould and mildew are prone to grow in wet environments, therefore you should be extra careful. The best strategy here is to try to wipe the doors after each use. This will prevent hard water deposits from building up on the glass.

Another smart move is to leave to door open so that the shower area can dry faster. You can also spray the glass with water repellent spray or use a water softener to minimize mineral buildup.

Here’s how a regular maintenance schedule should look like, in order to keep it light and easy:

  • Every day – wipe the glass and leave the door open
  • Each week – wash the glass with a sponge and cleaning solution
  • Every month – thorougly scrub everything and apply any solutins meant for prevention

Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

  • Using vinegar

If you don’t want to use harsh chemicals for cleaning, you can make your own homemade mixture. In a spray bottle, add some heated distilled white vinegar and some dish detergent in equal quantities. Let the mixture stand for half an hour and then rinse it out and wipe down the glass.

  • Baking soda

If your shower is made of stone instead of glass, vinegar could do some damage. Therefore, you can replace it with baking soda and go through the same process.

  • Lemon

Take half of a lemon and dip it in baking soda. Afterwards, rub the glass with lemon and let the resulting foam stand for a while before you rinse it away. For a finishing touch, you can spray some lemon oil that will act as a water repellant.

  • For those hard to clean tracks

You can use a toothbrush or a paint scraper to remove the gunk from all the hard to get nooks and crannies. It’s important not to neglect those areas because they could be a breeding ground for mould and dangerous bacteria.

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