How to Keep Squirrels from Digging Up Spring Flower Bulbs

Squirrels love to dig up our spring flower bulbs and make holes in the lawn. All the hard work we have put into planting a flower bed so we can enjoy spring bloom color can be wiped out in minutes by a foraging squirrel. The holes in the lawn are  unsightly too.

Keep these yard rodents from destroying your plants and lawn with these simple tricks.

Window Screen

When planting new spring flower bulb bed, place a length of window screen wire over the flower bed and cover the edges of the window screen with soil to hold it in place. Decorative stones can be used to hole the screen wire in place too.

Squirrels can’t dig through screen wire to reach the spring flower bulbs. Inexpensive rolls of window screen wire can be purchased at any home supply center, or you can recycle old screen wire for this purpose.

Chicken Wire

When the plants begin to emerge, remove the window screen and replace it with a length of chicken wire. The squirrels can not dig through the chicken wire and dine on your spring flower bulbs.

The plants will be able to grow through the holes of the chicken wire and produce flowering beauty and the hungry squirrels can’t reach the bulbs.

The chicken wire can remain on the spring flower bed indefinitely for year around squirrel protection. Place chicken wire flat on the soil in any landscape location where you don’t want squirrel digging up the lawn. A lawn mower can easily mow the lawn over the chicken wire without any problems.

Bad Taste In Their Mouth

Put a bad taste in the mouth of squirrels by planting daffodils and narcissi bulbs around the perimeter of your spring flower bed. These two spring flower bulbs seem to be distasteful to squirrels and they won’t dig them up.

A generous sprinkling cayenne pepper or moth ball crystals in the flower bed will also deter squirrels and other digging pests, but won’t harm the lawn or flowers.

Feed The Squirrels

Feed the squirrels throughout the winter and they will be less likely to dig up your spring flower bulbs. If the squirrels have a reliable food source during the winter so they can keep a stock pile of food, they are less prone to putting in the effort required to dig up spring flower bulbs.

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