How to Sanitise Your Spa in Pandemic Times

For the longest time in history, spas and wellness businesses, in general, have been shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we’re at the point when companies can re-open their doors but have to be extra-careful to sanitise surfaces and equipment thoroughly.

Cleaning your spa was extremely important even before the pandemic. However, now spa and other wellness businesses need to make a strategy for making their clients feel safe and comfortable so that they come back and use their services.

Here are some steps that you can take to plan for the re-opening of your business and creating a safe space for your customers:

1. Research what others have done

A pandemic is not a time for experiments. Therefore, it’s really important to do your research and pay attention to what the experts say. For example, officiale have made plenty of guides made by officials on cleaning and disinfection for businesses.

For example, CIDESCO, the International Committee of Aesthetics and Cosmetics, has issued a guide for Standard Operating Procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic, meant to help businesses learn and apply current regulations.

Therefore, be sure that both you and your team have a good grasp of what officials approve and recomend as products to sanitise your spa. However, some terms are usually misunderstood, and, unfortunately, people interchange them inappropriately:

  • Cleaning—usually done with soap and water, removes impurities, germs, and common dirt. It is recomended to clean surfaces before you disinfect them.
  • Sanitisation—done with specific products, this process is meant to reduce the quantity of bacteria specified on the product that was used.
  • Disinfecting—also performed with specific products, will destroy microorganisms and will remove living organisms from the surface that is cleaned.
  • Sterilisation—will exterminate all forms of life, from viruses, to bacteria and fungi.

Also, you should pay attention to what activities are permitted and which services are still prohibited. Additionally, there are many factors to keep into consideration, like the space available for each client, your ventilation systems, the number of clients that can be present at the same time in your building, and many more.

2. Devise a plan to sanitise

While this process has always been important for any business, but now, for the reopening of your business during pandemic times, it is more vital than ever. Therefore, you need a plan. It’s useful to create some cleaning protocols and use them from now on, not just in the short term.

Here are some items that you should includ in the plan:

  • Catalog all the surfaces, tools, and equipment that you need to sanitise and pay close attention to what is frequently used, to determine how often you need to clean them.
  • Include any items that are on your stations or in your rooms, from chairs to treatment tools.
  • Make a note of all surfaces that you touch frequentently, so that you prioritize them for disinfection.
  • If possible, try to remove anything that is unnecessary, like rugs, the front desk, and more.

3. Educate your team

As a business owner, you have the responsibility of training your staff to know your new cleaning protocols. They also need to realise the importance of following them and be aware of the consequences of overlooking the new cleaning routine.

To be safe, you can do a couple of test runs with them. Your employees should also consider their safety, so be sure to choose products that aren’t harmful to their health.

4. Be transparent with yout clients

You need to make your clients trust your business and feel safe using your services. One way to do this is to be transparent with your new cleaning protocols. Use social media to inform your customers, newsletters, or even walk them through your steps to sanitise the equipment.

All in all, we need to adapt to the new normal. But this is not all bad. Your new cleaning routine could become an asset. You use it to sustain your marketing efforts, making new people choose your services.

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