Small & Large Offices Cleaning

Transforming Workspaces, One Clean Corner at a Time!

Do you need a cleaning service for your office environment? ALV services renders general cleaning services to corporate office building cleaning. We take care of your cleaning needs from sweeping, dusting, mopping, cleaning of rooms, gardening, carpet cleaning, wall cleaning etc to the minute detail and deodorization of your facilities.

Our Priority

At ALV Services, we pride ourselves in providing a clean and conducive environment for both large and small business environments. We understand the importance of a clean, welcoming and healthy environment for your workers, clients and visitors. Not only does a clean office make a great first impression but it also has a huge impact on morale and wellbeing, enhancing the motivation and efficiency of your staffs.

What we offer

  • A budget friendly cleaning package tailored to meet your needs- We will give you our best price when you provide us with a checklist of cleaning tasks which will be attended to with extreme care for your privacy, security, and assets.
  • A well guaranteed professional service with proximity- We are confident that the quality of our services will keep you coming back for more and you will have the benefit of flexibility. you will always have the last word and there will be no time wasting.
  • Experienced and Friendly Cleaners– Our mission is to provide the best cleaning services to the best satisfaction of our client and continually improving our services based on your feedbacks. All our staffs are experienced and assured to be friendly enough to always attend to you without delay.
  • High quality services maintained by regular inspections- We offer after service inspections to proffer solutions to pending issues at every point in time in other to keep your environment in its best condition at all times.

Contact us to choose a plan with us if our service interests you. We are available 24/7 to start cleaning your small or large office as soon as possible!