Steam Carpet Cleaning — The Best Carpet Cleaning Solution

Even though they might seem clean, your carpet can be a real trap for dirt and dust around your house. This means that from time to time you need to deep clean them. A great way of doing that is steam carpet cleaning. In this article, we’re going to see what advantages this method has and if it’s the right one for your household.

1. Steam carpet cleaning eliminates pollutants

There are plenty of pollutants that can get caught in your carpet without you knowing it:

  • pet dander, dead bugs, or any type of alergens,
  • dangerous particles brought from outside,
  • volatile organic compounds from paint or cigarette smoke, for example.

Those pollutants can seem harmless, but they can already be found in significant quantities outside. Therefore, the longer your carpet stays dirty, the more they add up and become dangerous to your health. Furthermore, if your children play on the carpet, they are way more likely to be affected.

2. Dust mites removal

It’s no secret that almost everything around us is covered in dust mites. Moist and warm environments are where they thrive, feeding on human skin, bacteria, fungi, and even animal dander. These dust mites along with their waste can act as allergens, therefore they should be cleared as often as possible.

3. Mould prevention

Moulds are another category of allergens and carpets are a risk since they can help them grow. If your carpet gets wet often, the mould will feel right at home. Steam can purify your carpets if you are past the prevention stage and help you eliminate already grown mould.

4. Carpet life extention

Even if high-performance carpets take a really long time to actually wear out, they lose their original look and feel as they get used. By deep-cleaning those carpets, their original beauty can be brought back. You can repeat the process every year or 18 months, depending on the frequency of vacuuming, the type of carpets you have, and the amount of traffic they have to withstand.

5. Steam carpet cleaning can refresh the whole room

Don’t you love the feeling of walking barefoot on freshly clean carpet? It gives your room a whole new fresh feeling and smell. So apart from all the health reasons why steam is a great way of cleaning your carpet, it’s also a nice and quick way to change the atmosphere in your home.

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