Window Cleaning Tips to Get that Special Sparkle

No matter what type of windows you have or what size they are, everybody loves a sparkling window. There’s more than one way to invite sunshine back into your house. In this article, we will go through some of the most popular window cleaning tips that can make your windows really shine.

There are a lot of benefits that come with having stainless windows. From the obvious look improvement for your home—more light and brightness. Not only everything would look better from the inside, but it will leave a good impression on the people looking in from the outside.

Additionally, having a bright room can do wonders for mental health. There are studies that show that more light in your room can improve your overall mood and make your circadian rhythm more stable. On a psychological level, letting sunshine in can alleviate the symptoms of depression and improve cognitive performance in the long run.

What is the secret to sparkling windows?

It’s high time that old smudge on your kitchen window went away. It could be as simple as getting out your cleaning spray and wiping it down with a cloth, or it could be a little bit more difficult.

  • Remove all curtains and blinds before cleaning windows

The first step in the process of cleaning windows is to remove everything that is in your way. This is a great opportunity to freshen up your curtains and blinds. You can use the vacuum to get rid of all the dust and cobwebs that might be around the corners.

  • DIY cleaning solutions

You don’t have to buy expensive cleaning products in order to have a clean house. If you don’t have time, or simply the effort, to pop to the store and purchase some new products, your pantry (probably) has all you need to create an effective cleaning solution.

To create your own solutions, you can mix two tablespoons of vinegar in a small container with water. However, you should keep in mind that vinegar doesn’t kill bacteria. If that’s what you need, you can add in two tablespoons of ammonia—but remember to use rubber gloves in this case.

If you’re worried about the smell of vinegar in your house, it usually disappears in about 15 minutes. However, you can try cleaning windows with a solution of water and washing-up liquid. Be careful not to use too much soap because you might end up with more stains than you had at the beginning.

  • Clean window frames first

Start from the outside and move towards the middle. This means that you should clean the window frames first so that you avoid dripping water on the recently scrubbed glass. You can use a wet sponge, with some detergent if they’re really dirty.

  • S-shaped motion for glass panes

Use a sponge dipped in soapy water, or a squeegee, and gently wipe down the glass panes. In order to make sure that you don’t leave any marks or streaks behind, use an S-shaped movement for your final strokes. At the end of each motion, wipe down the squeegee or cloth to get rid of any extra water in there.

  • Don’t forget the window edges

At the end of your process, don’t forget about the excess water that accumulated on the edges or the windowsill. Just wipe them off with a cloth before calling it a day. If those surfaces are made out of white PVC, you can use a whitening product to keep them looking brand new.

  • Find the perfect time

Timing is key for cleaning windows. Hot days bring out all the smears, smudges, and scratches – but they are not ideal for window cleaning. Gloomier days, when the sun isn’t beaming down, are ideal since the windows have more time to dry, meaning they will not dry streaky.

How often should you clean your windows?

As with anything, the more often you do it, the less work you will have to do in the future. However, windows usually need to be cleaned every 2 to 3 months. If you notice grime starting to build up sooner, don’t miss the opportunity to wipe it away before it gets too comfortable.

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