Get to know us

From the Year 2012 and counting, the business has been growing and changing rapidly. We implemented our plans and innovated our strategies because we wanted our clients to feel that they are valued. As it stands now, we get clients from recommendations and our emails and messages boxes get always filled up. We have developed to become the number one cleaning service and now encompassed working with domestic and commercial properties in London and Surrey.


“We love to have you as our client! We make sure that
we will bring the best comfort to your home and business.”


Let’s Meet the Founder of ALV Services…


Mihaela Carp – the Ceo of the company, wants a business that has a one-stop-shop for the cleaning industry and because of the experience, she has the ability to manage with people, to manage the cleaning industry and she is able to handle herself to all the trials she had for almost 10 years.

” As a business owner, I am not surprised, considering our high level of success. From the very beginning, I wanted to create great value for people and I am happy, I am doing that. My goal has not changed though, I continuously want to be of value to others and we will always achieve this, by giving our clients the most valuable of commodities: TIME!”



What we do for our Employees..


The training is exceptional and we really see our employees to be professionally trained not just in cleaning but also the values and the attitude.

We provide them the greatest benefits, and we have the ability to contact part-timers and full-time cleaners, just to make sure that we need to clean on the spot if needed.

What are the Benefits for you as our client?


We have insurance for your property’s protection, to protect you as our client, and your business.

As long as you notify us within 24hrs, we will be there to clean your property. We have professional and high-standard equipment so that our cleaners will be able to do the job smoothly.




Our clients stick with us because we are
loyal to them, and they do the same for us.





We have strong moral principles when it comes to our clients and our business, the quality of being honest is really important to us!




24/7 Support

Whenever, wherever! All you have to do is leave us a message, visit our Facebook Page, Visit our Website and we will respond as soon as possible.





“Our passion and drive.”

“Our highly trained, experienced staff.”

“Our responsive and tailored service.”

“Our ability to meet their needs.”

“Our people! We send the same staff week in week out”