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Mihaela Carp

Mihaela Carp

Alv Services has been setting trends since 2012 as the leading force in London’s cleaning industry. Renowned for its dynamism and innovation, we consistently deliver exceptional service quality, unwavering reliability, and exemplary customer care. Over the years, our operations have expanded, encompassing organizations in both the private and public sectors.

At the heart of our growth and market presence is our domestic cleaning range, a vital component of our services. We specialize in offering bespoke cleaning solutions to homeowners throughout London, complemented by top-notch customer support that extends from initial inquiries to post-visit assistance.

Let’s talk about the history of our

ALV Services company

With an experience in the Cleaning Industry since 2012, we have implemented our goals and innovated our plans to provide our clients with quality ALV Services.

2012 - 2014

Mums2Clean We started the business with the name “Mums2Clean” because our founder was inspired by mums who doubled as super heroes, and cleaning experts. They started as part-time cleaners, with both domestic and commercial cleaning services.


New services

The company started the End of Tenancy and Commercial Cleaning Services. Best fit for houses in multiple occupation (HMOs), businesses with office spaces, university accommodations, and hotels. This elevated us into another rank, and pushed us to achieve more being fully equipped, and having the right resources to get the job done. All of the equipment we use is eco-friendly, fit for purpose, and handled by the best cleaners West London has to offer.



New equipment

The company added up a Prochem Carpet Machine to our professional equipment. This equipment is powerful and CE certified. An industry renowned quality superhero, built to take care of tough stains, lingering smells, and heartbroken floors and carpets. All of our cleaners have been trained to properly use this, and are ready to get the job done with no issues. Only another reason why we’re the best for the job.


ALV Services LTD

Mums2Clean became “ALV Services LTD”. Our founder named it after her children. They are her inspiration, and they are the reasons for her hard work and consistency. This year was another one for celebration, since adding up gardening and painting services to the list.




We expanded the areas we cover from South East London, and South West London, to Central London, West London, and Surrey. After meeting some incredible people along the way, learning lessons through supportive networks, and making long-lasting relationships; this was the only next logical step to take, and one that would only push us to achieve higher.

Cleaning Services

2017 - 2018

New van

Another moment for celebration! We invested in a company van for faster delivery of equipment, and ease of transportation for our cleaners. We named the van the Clean Mobile. She was a good investment for the company, and one of the most valuable members of our ALV family. She’s tagged with our name, logo, contact number, and other information. Only thing that’s missing is an ice-cream van sound box and a propeller hat on top.



New services and skills

By expanding our list of new services, we also took time to invest in our set of skills. As time goes by, technology changes, and we like to stay ahead of the curve. We provide training to all of our cleaners and give certificates of achievement, as professionals do. Gold stars and all. This year we focused specifically on Biohazard training, new anti-bacterial equipment training, touched up our skills on garden services, and invested time in compartmentalising these skills to serve different demographics of clients. For example, cleaning hotels requires a different approach to HMOs.

March 2019

HMO Services

Cleaning Masterclass Office and Janitorial Services. We thought our business and commercial clients deserved some extra TLC, so we went the extra mile to get a qualification in specifically Office and Business Janitorial Services. Offices, schools, hotels, and other business based establishments can now guarantee we are the right company for their needs.


December 2019

COSHH e-learning course. COSHH is the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health – this course got us right on track with what was to come over the next 2 years, and provided us with another qualification to wear with pride. The course covered: > COSHH Risk Assessment > Precautions > Prevent or control exposure > Maintenance of control measures > Monitor exposure > Health surveillance > Plans & procedures for accidents and emergencies > Training for employees.

March 2020

Infection Control and Bio-Hazard Fogging. ALV Services now provides professional and qualified full infection control, and deep cleaning of bio-hazard services. These include disposing of hazardous waste appropriately and safely, the legal requirements involved while doing this, and protecting ourselves while doing so. Bio-hazard fogging is a qualification-only cleaning process in which tiny droplets of disinfecting biocides are expelled into the air, reaching nooks and crannies that would normally be difficult to reach without this fogging method which is designed to fill up a space. Our team has been properly and fully trained to deal with these situations, and as our client you can have full peace of mind that you are surrounded by people who know exactly what they’re doing. Your health and safety is our first priority.


April 2020

Colour Coding and Infection Control e-learning course. Our team has been fully and properly trained to deal with prevention of spreading harmful bacteria, and we have equipped ourselves with the right tools and effective resources to do this. We are able to successfully identify the key factors of infection control, exercise methods of providing effective protection, identify chains of infection and how to break them, and incorporate colour-coded equipment to prevent contamination into our cleaning regime. This qualification is one of our most important ones, and is especially significant under the extremely volatile and unpredictable climate of today under the hold of COVID-19.

October 2020

Window cleaning. Although we have always included window cleaning in our official list of services; October of 2020 pushed us to upgrade our equipment and stay ahead of the curve. We have trained our cleaners to keep up with these standards, and to provide the best window cleaning service for our clients, alongside regular and deep cleaning for domestic, HMOs, residential, and commercial services across West, North, East, and Central London. Check out our articles in the Blog section of our site, about the benefits of having your windows cleaned for you.


March 2021

In 2021, we weren’t just scrubbin’ floors and polishin’ windows! We rolled up our sleeves and got down and dirty with some proper training. We tackled the nastiest, trickiest cleaning jobs you can imagine – biohazards, crime scenes, hoarder havens, the lot. It wasn’t all sunshine and dustpans, but you know what? We came out the other side squeaky clean (figuratively speaking, of course) and even more prepared to handle anything your mucky mayhem throws our way. So rest assured, when you hire us, you’re not just getting cleaners, you’re getting grime-busting superheroes in disguise!

Biohazard cleaning
Gardening Services


We’ve been making’ about in gardens and blastin’ dirt since 2022!

Not only do we tend to your flowerbeds, but we can also give your patio a right good scrub with our pressure washing services. So, if you’re tired of lookin’ at a grimy garden path or a patio fit for pigeons, give us a call and we’ll have your outdoor space lookin’ spick and span in no time!

Here’s what we can do for your garden: Garden Maintenance, Landscaping & Garden Design, Hedge Trimming, Tree Surgery, Fence Installation, Patio Cleaning, Lawn Care

We’re a friendly bunch who love gardens, and we’re always up for a challenge. So, whether you’ve got an overgrown jungle or a blank canvas, we’re the team to help you create the garden of your dreams.


In 2023, we weren’t just making’ about in gardens anymore! We rolled up our sleeves and expanded our services to include top-notch Commercial Cleaning. So, whether you’ve got an office that needs a spruce-up or a shop that’s lookin’ a bit dusty, we’re the team to get it gleaming. We’ll have your business lookin’ its professional best in no time!”

This keeps the friendly, casual tone while highlighting your growth and expertise. You can adapt it further by mentioning specific commercial cleaning services you offer, like window cleaning or carpet care.

Commercial cleaning services